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Pedantic Orderliness

Screeps after one year

It's been a crazy couple of years. One of the things that have helped me keep my sanity is Screeps, an MMO for programmers.

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Onboarding developers quickly

Onboarding developers can require a significant amount of time, but it doesn't have to. This article goes over a minimal set of tools that provide a uniform developer environment and workflow for all major operating systems.

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Visibility is Mission Critical

Quality logs make issue investigation, exploration, and iterative system improvements much easier. Without logs, it's pretty much impossible to reason about what your service is doing or has done.

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RSS Feeds with Go's text/template

Discusses implementing OpenGraph and Twitter tags. Detailed overview of implementing an RSS feed using Go's `text/template`.

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Efficient HTTP caching

Caching related HTTP headers are critical to high performance websites. Learn about HTTP headers, requests, responses and how to avoid unneccary requests to your site.

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Blogging with Go, Markdown, and AWS

A lot can be done with a little Go code, Markdown, and AWS. Reviews the architecture of the code used to serve this blog.

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Happy New Year!

After a few weeks working part-time on Pedantic Orderliness, I'm finally to the point of writing actual content.

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