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Pedantic Orderliness

Happy New Year!

📝 2019-01-01T03:23:09Z

The first post of a new blog. After a few weeks working part-time on Pedantic Orderliness, I’m finally to the point of writing actual content.

Welcome. At this site, you will find my thoughts, opinions, and learnings regarding software development, video & board games, hiking/backpacking, telecommuting, and professional development.

I’m a Lead Software Engineer at a design software company. I mostly work in Go, Node.js, Python, and C++. I’ve worked as a developer at a few startups, a mid-sized company, contracted on a couple web applications, and done a little phone technical support. These days, I telecommute and have a strong preference for it and having a private office.

I spread my professional development time across a few personal projects:

The remainder of my time goes to my amazing wife, Kali, and two cats, Ockham and Moxi. Kali and I spend our time hiking, backpacking, going to the coast, eating at nice restaurants, and traveling around the Pacific Northwest. I’m also slowly learning to play the saxophone.

I hope you enjoy the site and find the content useful.

Photo of Bowman Lake, MT

Bowman Lake, MT